The curse of being too caring

Mom Dieu, my poor grandmother is driving everyone nuts…. I feel so bad for her, but also sympathize with my dad and step mother. After watching my own mother be a caregiver for my step grandmother in her final years, I DO see how mentally, emotionally, and physically straining it can be. Especially when the mind starts to go. But then you also stop and think about what the other person is going through. The fear, the anxiety, the paranoia, the confusion, and all the physical discomforts of aging. They don’t see the stress they unintentionally cause. They view your frustration as a personal attack, and they don’t understand what they did wrong to deserve it. My grandmother is becoming quite paranoid, and  ornery. She is normally such a sweet person, but lately these past few years her mindset has changed greatly it is crushing to see her like this, crushing to know part of it is my fault, because from spring 2012- fall 2013 i lived alone and 5 minutes away and visited often. Now I live 20 mins away and work full time, I’m a single mother, and recently went back to school. Needless to say grandma time has greatly suffered. The one person she could count on is no longer there for her like I used to be. She says she understands, but does she really?


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