The debacle continues (updated)

Grandma is back at the hospital… Apparently when the visiting nurse came by grandma was discovered sitting in her own urine and feces … Grandma is denying this. There is so much confusion going on right now and no one will give me a straight answer. Mom says dad is saying she’s ok to go home. After yesterday’s debacle idk how he can even say that. I’m afraid the best course of action will be one she will absolutely hate…. A nursing home 😦 and tbh, I don’t think my dad and step mom are really the right people to handle the situation.

Update: grandma apparently is home now and was told by my dad and step mom to get used to continue living alone if you don’t wanna live in a nursing home…. She must be so frightened and heartbroken tonight, my heart aches for her. Now she is always complaining about being lonely yet every time I visit her at least one of her friends is visiting her in her apartment . plus she plays bingo 3 nights a week…. She’s not 100% alone where she is,but she’s afraid of dying alone 😦


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