rapid decline

Had grandma over for dinner the other night. didn’t realize how fragile she has become these past few weeks. otherwise I would have never had dad bring her down here. it breaks my heart to see her like this. I fucking hate cancer. that is all


Why Bother?

Seriously, after all we have been through, I don’t know why anyone in my family would go to my local hospital, unless they were having a baby, because apparently the birthing center is the only good thing about my hospital. My sister has been having severe stomach issues, and right now her stomach is rock hard. She went to the ER at the same hospital that tried saying my step dad wasn’t having a stroke even though his symptoms were classic stroke symptoms (that misdiagnosis almost killed him) and the same hospital that sent grandma home last week without notifying family that she needed rehab, and allowed her to make an important financial decision despite not being 100% mentally sound. ANYWAYS… my sister went to the ER this afternoon, and was there for a few hours. she wasn’t seen by a doctor. they took a urine sample, and did blood work, and since those were OK they would not do an ultrasound like she wanted. They merely sent her home and told her to follow up with her Doctor. She is on the Mirena, and my mother and I are worried she may be complications from that. What if something is wrong that won’t show up in standard blood work, and only an echo or an ultrasound will show it??? If my sister sustains permanent damage from their negligence there will be even more hell to pay.