It’s the little things…

It’s amazing how a much needed break from work, as well as a change in my living situation can make all the difference. I haven’t experienced such a reduction in stress in a long time. I miss being at work, but I sure as hell don’t miss working with one very irritating coworker of mine. I honestly have not met someone so stupid before. Honestly she does not possess a shred of logic, common sense, or critical thinking skills. One would think that after two years one would have the hang of things, but sadly she does not. If it weren’t for her personal struggles in life that cause my boss to feel sorry for her, she would have been gone long ago, but she’s not so much a fuck up that my boss deems her departure necessary. oh well. best not think of it, i’m enjoying relaxation… tis funny when learning how to be a mom to a newborn all over again is less stressful than working as a damn cashier at a deli/gas station. In less than one week I have adjusted to hetting 1-2 hours of sleep in between nightime wake ups. Actually, I have been very lucky… Dylan is so far easier than Victoria was as a newborn, with Victoria it took me forever to get her back to sleep. Dylan is sometimes changed, fed, and burped within a half hour, Perhaps it’s experience this time around, or I am merely confusing memories of Victoria being a couple months old vs a couple of weeks. After all, Dylan isn’t even two weeks old yet. Tomorrow marks one week since our discharge from the hospital. I have missed this stage i must admit, Toddler hood is a joy, I love watching Victoria learn new things every day, but the temper tantrums, oi vey, those I can do without, at any rate baby fever is cured for now.

Grandma seems to be ok, but I only saw here briefly at the hospital. However, her friends at her appartment building have noticed changes in her, and have inquired about her health. I wish she would share the news of her diagnosis, but she does not want them knowing. She hated people “pitying” her. While I understand that, i myself hate sympathy, BUT I also need my close friends/loved ones by my side when I am facing an emotionally stressful situation. But everyone is different. I’m tired. good night