Rest easy pup

The angel of death strikes again, one week exactly after my birthday, we unexpectedly had to put our family dog down. He kept throwing up blood. Turns out he had cancer and was beyond treatment ….



Oh birthday, the one day a year I feel like I actually matter to people…. When those I scarcely here from come out of the woodwork…. So this is 29….

.Suppose Death had a heart to love….

As stated earlier , I am quite certain I am the angel of death. Yes I am being dramatic, and in actuality this is all coincidence and this post is nothing but sheer melancholy nonsense, nonetheless, humor here and listen to my whack job theory …. Tomorrow is my birthday. The 14 of December will never ever be forgotten here in Connecticut. The rare occasion where I actually enjoyed my birthday the worst school shooting in history occurred. Prior to that, my birthday meant the anniversary of my grandmother’s passing was also approaching (12-15-06) so since 2006 my birthday has been a painful day emotion wise. Factor in the recent deaths of family friends this year and now the number of friends and family who have died near or on my Birthday is up to 5, and a regular customer’s mother is also at death’s doorstep.  So between my birthday being close to so many death days and the fact that whenever I have a baby a loved one dies, I have come to the conclusion that I am the Angel of Death. But hey, at least I’m an angel ….