Mother’s gonna make all your nightmares come true….

I know this is childish and silly to be upset about but oh well. Back in December when it was my birthday I inquired as to when did we want to get together for cake for my birthday… mama always cooked me a nice meal and we had cake for my birthday …. This year I was told I’m too old for that, time to grow up and besides my boyfriend can throw me a party if I want…. Ok fine whatever. Today my mother texts me “we’re having a surprise party for your sister can you get the cake?” Mind you my sister is only 3 years younger than me…. I’m childish for merely wanting cake and she is getting a whole surprise party. … Yea I totally feel loved by my mom right now… Ok. Enough of that pity party….


Still happy. I like my non depressed cycles. Psssh who needs bipolar meds. (No offense to those who do take them)