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So apparently I have 12 followers… I would like to know you guys a little better…. Please tell me a bit about yourselves… Maybe I can attempt to be more social…. (Image from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland)



Long story short. Mom saw a post about my aunt and her repeat offender domestic abussive bf had a fight. He mentioned having bought a sledgehammer “who needs gun control” talking about only God can judge him and he will not hesitate to execute justice… Even has a pic of the sledgehammer. Mom calls aunt. No one can get a hold of her. Mom calls pd for wellness check. Here talk to detective. Both in jail. Him for domestic abbuse. Her with a felony for stabbibg him. Self defense but isn’t cooperating.

This was last night

Today we learned he’s out. Had been abusing her over a month and she never reported it. Her charge dropped to a misdemeanor. She’ll be out  Monday unless she makes Bail

Neither want to leave their apartment. Both claim they will go back there.

I fear for her safety

The Memory Remains…..

It’s been 10 months, yet the pain is still there. My father recently moved into my Grandfathers old condominium… Even though it is decorated to my dad’s taste, it still feels like Grandpa’s house to me. This weekend was the first time I have stayed here for an extended period of time not just a quick dropping off/picking up children for babysitting purposes …. I keep getting a barrage of images, memories, and an all around sadness, missing my grandfather like crazy. Oh how I wish he had a chance to meet his Great Grandson…. I even checked out the master bedroom, where I was