wtf is wrong with people?

So allegedly my cousin with the aneurysm was clear to leave the hospital Thursday, BUT was supposed to go to a nursing home. Instead of transporting him via ambulance they allow his friends to bring him, only they don’t. He was so bent on attending the services of our other cousin that he was refusing to go to the nursing home. Since he didn’t go there, he wasn’t able to get the steroids necessary to keep the swelling down, so by the time he was at the wake on Friday, he was deteriorating throughout the day, to the point where we feared he’d collapse dead right then and there or not wake up in the morning. Thinking that our Aunt had Power of Attorney, they were trying to get her to call an ambulance. Turns out she doesn’t have POA, just simply is next of kin, and our cousin was fighting tooth and nail against being taken away. FINALLY someone said enough is enough and called 911. By the time he got to the nursing home he was so bad they sent him back to hospital. Now my mom has been given control of the situation, anything in regards to my cousin has to be run by her or FAMILY only. Should his friends inquire about the status of his condition, they may contact someone from the FAMILY. I just hope not too much damage was done. I really don’t think this family can handle another death at the moment…..