🎵 Somebody Save Me 🎵

You know what a dream of mine has been ever since I was 12? Not even in a romantic sense , just in general…. I’ve always dreamed of meeting someone who sees through the facade and says no. You’re NOT ok. How do you REALLY feel? It’s OK you CAN open up to me….. Wonder what THAT says about my childhood…..


Update on life

Still looking for a Pharmacy tech job , but for now I have been made manager at my current job. The hours are ok, I know longer work with the woman that drives me absolutely insane which is a BIG Plus. However, I barely see my sweetheart. Grandma is Ok, My cousin with aneurysm is still alive. and I’m still enjoying an upswing I was in a car accident, sustained minor Whiplash but my car needs a new front end. Luckily, I was the only one in the car and the other driver was fine as well…. Other than that things are fantastic… So until the next catastrophe… Take care all….